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This is not an offer to sell a security or general solicitation; an offer to sell a security may only be made by a private placement memorandum offered to sophisticated and/or accredited investors where permitted by law. Any information provided is for general information and research purposes only. By submitting any requests or queries, you are indeed confirming that we have not generally solicited you directly or indirectly whatsoever in any oil and gas royalty project, minerals, metals, & other commodities investments, and any securities or other investments or businesses of any kind.  The content of this website, and any other communications from the company, is not meant to be considered financial, legal and/or investment advice; in addition, any investment or purchase has degrees of risk which must be independently evaluated by you and/or your financial, legal or investment advisers. In addition, the images contained within this website do not necessarily belong to The Gulf of Paria Group.  The Gulf of Paria Group is the Trade Name for "Gulf of Paria Market Research & Holdings LLC".  All calls may be recorded for educational purposes.

Here at The Gulf of Paria Group, we do not believe in borders where it relates to doing business.  We firmly believe in the ideal and practice in the spirit of Mergers & Acquisitions advisory without borders.  And it is with this belief, that we aim to serve all parts of the globe, helping companies come together in unity via acquisitions, mergers, and joint venture relationships, with the hope of increasing value, market share, and exceeding all expectations of the marketplace.  It can be said that it is this Romeo and Juliet approach to business that has always produced the most successful M&A and Private Equity transactions.

As such, we believe that borders should never be a 
hindrance to progress.   

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This is our Import/Export Division:

As Professional International Commodities Dealers (PICD) we adhere strictly to Incoterms 2010 (International Chamber of Commerce, Paris, France), along with strictly utilizing UCP 600, and URC 522 as it relates to international commodities transactions.

Per standards and laws that govern international trade, we employ an adherence to a doctrine of supreme strict compliance.  We take positions as Buyers and Sellers on behalf of Undisclosed Principals in international commodities transactions, whereby we deal in title documents.

If you are a Supplier/Producer of any commodities, or an End Buyer (or even a Broker/Intermediary) for those commodities, we would of course be glad to answer any questions that you may have. 

To Suppliers/Producers:  As always feel free to reach out to us to provide quotes or offers.

And to End Buyers: As always feel free to reach out to us as well to request quotes or potential offers.

You can reach us via email address:

Our Services

We specialize in consultancy & advisory services, and provide intel in the following areas:

· Mergers & Acquisitions 

· Private Equity

· Venture Capital 

· Angel Investing

· Joint Ventures / Strategic Alliances 

· Procurement & Facilitation of large quantities of petroleum/crude oil

· Oil, Natural Gas, and other Mineral Rights Projects  

· Commodities & Minerals Intel  

· Oil/Natural Gas/Gold & other Metals Mining Acquisitions/Investments 

· Equipment Procurement

· Business Brokers

· Product Launch 

· Technology transfer 

· International Marketing / Global 

· Management Consultancy / Strategic Planning 

· Innovative funding