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Our firm aims to lead the way in innovation in global business as it relates to mergers and acquisitions advisory, and engineering takeovers. With ever changing rules, regulations, and laws, you need a firm on your side that knows how to navigate the uncertain waters, and accomplish that what you thought was somewhat improbable. 

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The Gulf of Paria Group is a Mergers and Acquisitions, a sub-Private Equity group, and a Real Estate Arbitrage Investment firm. With regards to M&A, primarily we advise business ownership teams (member interest owners/shareholders etc) who are seeking an exit strategy in selling their enterprise or seeking a strategic partner to joint venture or merge with.  We place a strong emphasis on providing invaluable innovative market and asset valuation research, much needed in today's highly complex, competitive, uncertain environment.  We also help engineer friendly takeovers, whereby at times, working with investor groups from an advisory capacity, we may maintain an ownership interest stake in the companies and opportunities we identify as ideal acquisition candidates. We believe in an enlightened and holistic approach to Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory and Takeover engineering, thus drawing upon our many years of experience and expertise, not just in the standard run-of-the-mill way most firms deal with clients or evaluate businesses --- but also by utilizing alternative cutting edge methods of working with clients, and enterprise valuation. We guarantee effective and comprehensive representation for your business. Our reputation and history of successful companies and clients speak for themselves. We pride ourselves in helping businesses - large, medium, and small, that simply need to know how to navigate the experience. 

Forged from the spirit of the noble ideals which govern the free markets, and a firm long-held belief in always fulfilling our fiduciary responsibilities to our clientele, we pride ourselves in being that asset to grow and enhance our clients enterprise's market share via mergers, acquisitions, takeovers, and strategic joint ventures.  We sometimes are involved in the procurement of commodities (crude oil/natural gas/metals/food-staples etc). 

The Gulf of Paria Group is committed to providing unbiased advice and prudent strategies to procure the tools to help your business grow and prosper.  Our keen knowledge of each complex situation, and strong belief in honesty, integrity, and ethics, allow us to serve you without compromising our excellent standards.      

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