The Gulf of Paria Group 

                            Where intelligence creates genius to help your business prosper


The Gulf of Paria Group is a multi-national Venture Capital and Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory Consulting firm. Operating with a global reach, we advise and procure funding for start-ups and existing companies, and advise on Mergers and Acquisitions, with a strong emphasis on providing invaluable Market & Asset Valuation Research much needed in todays' highly complex, competitive and uncertain environment.  

Forged from the spirit of the ideals which governs the free markets, we provide advice & consultation on raising & procuring Venture Capital; funding via Angel Investors; growing and enhancing your company's market share via key Mergers, Acquisitions, & Joint Ventures; the procurement of Commodities (Crude Oil/Natural Gas/Metals etc); procurement of heavy equipment for your manufacturing needs; and the procurement of entire factories, operational ready.  

Gulf of Paria is committed to providing unbiased advice and prudent strategies for procuring the tools to help your business grow and succeed.

Our keen knowledge of each complex situation and strong belief in honesty, market integrity, and ethics, allows us to serve you without compromise. 

This is our commitment...This is our mission.

We are The Gulf of Paria Group...where intelligence creates genius to help your business prosper. 

Our Commitment

At The Gulf of Paria Group, we treat our clients with courtesy and integrity. We guarantee realistic honest financial advice that will help your company achieve its' goals. Our years of experience and notable expertise, ensures that your company remains competitive.

We believe that our consistent track record of strong uncompromising ethics & compliance, instills confidence and trust. We use cutting edge technologies to ensure up to the minute information from the financial world, which allows us to respond quickly, and give you the most relevant information and perspective.

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